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  • Restored antique wood

Restored antique wood

Restored antique wood

Restored antique wood, what does it mean? Wood is a living material that adapts over time to conditions and situations, it is a precious material and if old it brings with it memories of the elapsed time.

The antique wood with its shapes, the colors and its unique characteristics is able to evoke memories and arouse emotions as only the authentic and quality things they can do.

Recycled antique wood, yes or not?

The antique recycled wood is not less resistant or less durable than new wood. You must know that the antique wood is properly cleaned, unglazed, polished and prepared to be used again. The characteristics therefore remain unchanged compared to a new type of wood essence.

Only two things differentiate the antique wood from the new type of wood: age and provenance.

For Antico È this precious antique wood means the added value for all the recycled wood essences that they work. We will never get tired of repeating that an antique wooden floor carries with it a wealth of history that will never be found in a new type of wooden floor essence.

Recycling raw materials, in our case the wood, contributes to the sustainability of our natural resources. If you choose an antique wooden floor, you help to protect and safeguard the forests.

Essenze di recupero

Which type of old wood we recycle?

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You could ask yourself: which are the old wood essences that we can recover?
For Antico È the main species are: spruce, larch, oak, elm and poplar ... even the Indian acacia, however, is harder to find and more expensive.

Different for characteristics and color, as for new wood, one must choose the right essence according to its destination.
For example, antique spruce is more malleable and easy to work with than the old oak, ideal for coatings and beams, if used in the form of an board.
Or the ancient larch, more valuable than the fir, but of the same family, more suitable for furnishing components, tables, chests of drawers, etc ... If you want an antique parquet instead, the best essences are the old walnut and the old oak, more resistant to trampling and impact.

But wait, this does not mean that the other wood essences can not be used, we only want to advise you to evaluate all the physical characteristics of the wood, which together with your personal taste will give you the opportunity to enhance the environment and material. First of all, get an advice from those who know the wood really well!

How can antique wood be recovered?

Another important thing, besides the type of wood essence, is to know the origin of the antique wood that you want to use. Our antique recycled wood, for example, comes from farms, stables, barns and country houses, barrels and beams, in some cases also from castles, boats, piers and Venetian briccole.

If we know its origin, we also know what type of processes and treatments are necessary to be able to bring it back to its original splendor.

The process of restoration of the old wood, is a path that leads us to gradually reveal the true appearance of our woods. As for the new wood, each trunk, board, beam, although of the same wood essence will be different in appearance and knots.

Its restoration brings to light all signs of aging of each part of our wood, then we will enhance and tell, if putting antique floor or building a piece of furniture if they so intended.

With Antico È the memories written on antique wood blend with innovation and design, thus continuing to tell their story.

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