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Parquet in the bathroom, why not?

Parquet in the bathroom: who said that you can not. We can dispel the belief that parquet in the bathroom can not stay.

What feeling do you have, if you had to think about walking barefoot on a warm and welcoming floor, feel the veins on your skin, maybe just out of the shower?

We believe it is certainly more pleasant than a classic floor, perhaps in colder gres and distant from your feeling ... without taking anything away from stoneware!

So you do not have to set limits, you can bring the parquet in the bathroom, we just have to choose with a little 'attention.

Now let's try to answer the following questions:
- Can parquet be used in the bathroom? And if so, are there any contraindications?
- What are the types of wood to be preferred for installation in the bathroom?
- What do you do to keep it hygienic and in excellent condition?

Parquet in the bathroom: the pros.

The parquet gives your home a sophisticated and welcoming look, in every room you decide to place it, including the bathroom.

It is a natural material capable of "dressing" the room. This aspect is noticed when the parquet is laid and the bathroom is still bare: the environment is enriched becoming not only beautiful but also warm and extremely elegant.

The right details are enough to make a wonderful room.

It is not as fragile as you think, with the right precautions protects the bathroom from stains and moisture. Think that wood is also used to make houses and entire boats!

But we must rely on true professionals: the secret consists of perfect installation and fixing.

The parquet in the bathroom is hygienic: the wood must always be dry and this will "stimulate" you to clean the continuous floor, eliminating any residual water.
If you can "banish" puddles and ugly carpets that would contribute to the stagnation of water.

In short, wood is suitable for the bathroom, but you have to be prepared and worry about its cleanliness. Next to the pros also exist against the parquet: here are what they are.

parquet in the bathroom: humidity

Parquet for the bathroom: the cons

Parquet for the bathroom: the cons

Wood is a demanding material that needs an airy environment and air circulation.

It is not suitable for damp or windowless rooms.

After every shower we advise you to turn the air to avoid accumulating the humidity harmful to the wood.

Not all types of wood are suitable for parquet. There are some types of wood that are more suitable for the floor than others, such as antique or new oak.

Wood needs periodic maintenance and thorough cleaning with specific and delicate products.

In addition, the products depend on the type of wood, so at least for the first time it is necessary to seek advice from an expert.

Parquet for the bathroom: what is better to choose

When you decide to use the parquet for your bathroom you have to choose the most suitable woods, not all woods are the same.

To have the parquet in the bathroom we do not need to work with chemically treated wood and able to guarantee impermeability.

Here, as always, mother nature comes to the rescue and provides us with essences such as Teak wood, a super-performing wood for this type of destination.


In reality there is not only the teak to be laid as parquet for the bathroom. The most European alternative to teak, imported from countries like Burma, exists.

On the market we find wood nourished with natural oiling systems laid out respecting a passage of posatura and resistant to liquids. For example, the oak or the walnut, but like them also many other wood species, if correctly treated they can be used in the bathroom.

This oiling has the purpose to saturate the porosity of the wood, leaving it to breathe anyway, making it more resistant and easy to clean, especially in the bathroom where hygiene is essential.

Parquet for the bathroom: what is better to choose

Bathroom with parquet

Bathroom with parquet

Did you get convinced? You would like to have a bathroom with parquet too.

If you need advice or assistance in choosing the best solution for your bathroom, contact us by writing to or calling +39 0438 853208.

Oh .. we forgot ... You know that in the bathroom you can also have a wall panel to cover the walls.