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  • Wooden floor made with recycled posts

Wooden posts which surpass the centuries, becoming design elements

Wooden floor made with recycled posts

Do you know the story of the Venetian wooden posts?

The wooden posts are the protagonists of the story told on this page. They are very interesting subjects to learn about and would have so much to say, if only they could speak. Since they cannot, we at Antico È will tell you their story as we are very well acquainted with them.

Briccole is the name of wooden posts which sprout from the waters of the Venice lagoon. Tied together, usually in groups of two, they serve to signal the Venetian waterways. In other words, defining the canals in the Venetian lagoon.

What happens to the Briccole when they are no longer required?

After many years in the waters of Venice, the Briccole cease to carry out the role of signals and are abandoned or, worse, destined for the pulping mill. Can you imagine the poor Briccole? They spend years witnessing the noble Venetian life and once they complete their function, they are unable to find anyone able to give them a new position. Or maybe that's not the case? You should know that in Murano, a small archipelago in the Venetian lagoon, there is an old osteria called Locanda Sottovento.
What do the wooden posts have to do with the Locanda Sottovento in Murano? They have lots to so with it. Read on and discover how Antico È transformed the Briccole into flooring.

Esedra Wooden floor

Esedra Flooring, a new reincarnation for old wooden posts.

Wooden floor

The Antico È craftsmen recovered the old Briccole and cut them top-down, thus creating circles of about 2 cm thick. Each one is different from the next because the wooden posts selected to create the Briccole did not feature smooth profiles. Our craftsmen then laid these circles on the ground, side-by-side, reinforcing them together with a coloured resin. Once the installation was complete, the entire floor was covered with a special oil.
What is special about this oil? It is only extracted from natural products such as flax and hemp, particularly suitable to protect external floors. This oil was spread on the Locanda Sottovento flooring to protect it from the flooding caused by high water. We are in Venice and tide peaks are a phenomenon with which the Venetians often have to deal with.

The Antico È Esedra flooring has been welcoming patrons to the Locanda Sottovento for 5 years now, and the high water has not had any negative effect on its beauty and strength. We like to think that the high water visits the Locanda as a tribute to the Briccole, Venice's way of remaining anchored to its history and its ancient traditions.

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