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The birth of a precious essence

Teak wood floor

Everything starts with this weird winged seed that grows and becomes a tree: the Tectona Grandis (Teak), the family Verbenaceae, native to tropical South Eastern, a very precious wood in the hands of our expert workers becomes a true masterpiece.

A gift from nature

Teak is a tall tree about 30 meters. growing preferably in hilly and undulating terrain in locations with average temperatures of 20-25º C and annual rainfall of not less than 1000 mm. It has a straight trunk with a diameter of ca. 1 mt. and large leaves, opposite and entire, covered with hairs having a characteristic star shape. The flowers are small, white or blue, gathered in panicles apex. The teak wood is highly prized for its characteristics of exceptional mechanical strength and weathering, also it is easily processable and polishing gives aesthetic characteristics of particular value.

Recovered teak floors

We care about our future

Teak old wood

In the past the Teak was almost exclusively used for shipbuilding, while now it is often employed especially for the manufacture of furniture and for floors.

The Antico È it is the recovery of this precious old wood from demolition or restoration recovering the beams in perfect condition.
Antico È constantly offered as an optimal solution for the realization of floors, stairs, paneling, parquet floors, the ancient wood, a precious material, with its veins and its imperfections, its colors and its unique features that manage to stir emotions as only the authentic and high quality can do.

Teak: simplicity and charm

Absolute elegance, glamor design entirely handmade by our masters to offer you a product of excellence.

Teak parquet floor