Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • Wood flooring Rosapetra Spa

A dream of a thousand fir trees

Wood boiseries

Close your eyes, sit back, relax and let AnticoÈ guide you on a journey of aromas and sensations that will stay with you long after you awake from your slumber. You find yourself in a magnificent setting, where the smell of fir trees brings peace to all your senses. Now surrender to the gentle rocking sensation of tranquillity and well-being as you feel your essence at one with your body.

Wood: the essential element in the forest of well-being

Have you worked out where we've taken you yet? You're at the Rosapetra Spa Resort in Cortina: specially recommended by Small Luxury Hotels of the World and picked out by Touring Editore for its Spa, one of the 100 best in Italy. At our resort, it is fir wood that is the custodian of your well-being. The fir wood used by AnticoÈ to deck out the floors and panelling of the spa, gym and bedrooms is renowned for its relaxing qualities. Its gentle fragrance will enliven the soul, assuage any anxieties and bestow upon body and mind a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Recoverd wood for floors

Regeneration and reuse: a new life from a traditional product

Selected woods

The wood selected by AnticoÈ to deck out the Rosapetra di Cortina spa is the product of research and reuse. Our carpenters have hand-picked good-quality wooden boards and logs from old buildings in the surrounding area. These are the houses and haylofts of yesteryear that still possess fine, durable materials, just ready and waiting for a new life.

Our skilled craftsman removed any unwanted nails from the wood and spruced up the beams, turning them into floorboards and panelling. With a new lease of life, these once great trees will embrace visitors with the warmth of the mountain traditions and the beautiful forest fragrance of the Dolomites.