Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • Hotel Punta Est. Outdoor terrace facing the sea.

Hotel Punta Est. Outdoor terrace facing the sea.

Wood floor terrace

“To observe between the leaves the distant pulse of the sea scales whilst from the dry peaks rises the tremulous screech of cicadas.“*

The words used by Eugenio Montale in 1925 seem to be inspired by the protagonist of this short story: The Hotel Punta Est.
Many years have passed since the Ligurian poet and writer recounted the barren landscape of his land. However, the passage of time has not affected the beauty of these locations, where nature preserves its spaces jealously and life is marked by slow rhythms, linked to the ancient past of Finale Ligure.

Ancient Outdoor Terrace by Antico È.

Hotel Punta Est in Finale Ligure is located on a headland, descending to the sea, where once stood an ancient dwelling, the summer residence of a composer of La Scala of Milan. The ancient terrace of this magnificent hotel is clad, with tables of antique Burmese teak, recovered from old buildings. The beauty of this wood remains intact, untouched by time, and even established abroad.

To walk along the terrace of Hotel Punta Est is a fabulous experience. The tranquillity of the place rewards you with moments of peace and pure relaxation. Here, where the sea and the rock seem to merge into one soul, the wood is inserted between the edges of the rocks, leaving room for the trees that appear to be born from the axes of the terrace, in a continuous summoning of the land, of primordial nature.

Wooden floor terrace
Wooden board for terrace

Nature reclaims the spaces that have always belonged to her. The raw elements, crafted by hand enhance the beauty of a unique place, which is impossible to forget.

* E. Montale, Meriggiare Pallido e assorto.

Wooden board for terrace
Wooden board for terrace