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  • Spruce by Prima Patina: wood and its wrinkles.

Spruce by Prima Patina: wood and its wrinkles.

Spruce by Prima Patina

We all know the famous phrase by Anna Magnani, who turned to her makeup artist and said: “Leave me all of my wrinkles, don't take even a single one from me. I've put a lifetime into making these appear”.

However, in this article, we're not telling the story of a movie icon. We’re discussing the history of a floor, one from an old dwelling house that's been brought back to its original splendour. A Prima Patina spruce floor which, just like the Roman actress, is proud to preserve all of the signs of time.

Spruce by Prima Patina - Wooden floor

Flooring by Prima Patina

By the term Prima Patina we're describing parquet flooring that has a huge number of stories behind it. They've been exposed to the sun and trampled by the owners, staff and guests of the house. Floors on which drops of wine have been spilled, during a banquet or on which petals from the flowers the lady of the house had on her desk have dropped. Parquet, on which the children have toddled, walked and run. Floors that were laid down, cleaned and scrubbed. In short, floors that have been through a lifetime and picked up a few wrinkles along the way.

Spruce by Prima Patina flooring
Prima patina parquet

Prima Patina's parquet is still of excellent quality, and features, in its surface layer, the signs of times gone by. A few millimetres thick, giving it the typical appearance of aged parquet. This is the wood that ancient craftsmen used for the restoration of a beautiful home, in the ancient Piazza delle Erbe, in Belluno.

To maintain a restoration without affecting the beauty, elegance and above all the history of a prestigious building, we use high quality wood that retains the atmosphere of the past that the house itself carries with it. To achieve this, Prima Patina spruce is perfect.

Recovered woods floor

Past and present: resin and mosaic

The recovered wood for the restoration of this house was not only used for the floor, but for the ceiling too, where the old palings of a block of Trentino were inserted. In addition, for our furnishing accessories, our craftsmen have not only chosen wood, but also modern materials like resin and mosaic, for an aesthetic result with pleasant contrasts.

A perfect and natural harmony, like the wrinkles on a beautiful woman's face.