Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • Wooden floor made with oak old

A house, a jewel of design

Oak old - Wooden floor

This is the story of a house that wants to blend with the space that surrounds it and at the same time to enhance it. A house that loves the light and wants to reach up to heaven. Yes, even the houses have feelings and a history.

A house that dreams

The houses are inanimate buildings for their owners. But the house of which we speak today is a house which has its heart at the right place.

We are in Pordenone where Caprioglio Associati Studio Di Architettura has built a home that is a triumph of light, a place where the sky turns into a space and enters every room. A building with spacious rooms and the well-kept furnishings.

Parquet in oak old

A planned house

Oak old

The Caprioglio architect designed this house following a scrupulous and careful design culture. The historical environment in which it exists is not undermined but rather identified by his presence. The technical and formal research and sign of contemporary architecture are reflected in every corner, inside and outside.

A house by Antico È

Antico E’ has created flooring, stairs and furnishing components for this magnificent home. The chosen wood is the PEFC certified old oak which is processed in special ovens, capable of giving the axes the characteristic dove-grey colour. A perfect match with the Provencal white house style furnishings.

Recycled Oak Wooden floor