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  • Wooden floors with cotto by Minturno

Minturno, the millennial history of cotto

Wooden floors with cotto

This is the story of Minturno, a small center of Lazio, located on the border with Campania. Minturno boasts a millennial history and is known around the world for a particular product, cotto.

The cotto tradition of Minturno has been handed down for millennia. Here, in fact, the processing of terracotta was done, first for everyday use of the community, then for commerce in the rest of the peninsula and abroad. Bricks for building, amphora and olle were produced in Minturno already since the fourth century b.C.

Wood and Cotto the combination of luxury.

Today Ceramica Cotto of Minturno carries on this ancient art, manufacturing products intended for a niche market, specialized in the production of floors for luxury homes. The manual definition of details, the patient and continuous experimentation make the Ceramica Cotto of Minturno, the perfect partner for Antico È creations.

Floors with a strong personality are created from the combination between Ceramica Cotto of Minturno and Antico È, immediately recognizable for their charm and suitable for a public that loves beauty and that makes luxury a lifestyle strengthened by own beliefs and not at all taken for granted.

Wood and Cotto the combination of luxury

The Dolomites and the Mediterranean meet in Florence.

Wooden floors and cotto

Sedico and Minturno, the Dolomites and the Mediterranean, natural elements so different but that combined together can give you something unique and special, wooden and cotto floors that at the Galerie of Florence, represented by the exquisite person of Mrs. Anna, are presented with real passion and pure mastery.