Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • Mother of pearls and wood floring

Mother of pearl a noble material

Parquest with mother of pearl and ancient woods

The beauty of Mother of Pearl comes from the depths of the Sea; a unique material which meets the fine ancient wood and shows all its splendor thanks to the skill of expert masters.

The mother of pearl luster

The natural beauty of the wooden floors of Antico È it adds elegance to any surface, stimulates thousand interpretations, according to customer's own feelings.

The taste of the detail is enhanced with exclusive materials of Antico È.

The quality of inlay

Inlay flooring

The inlay technique has deep roots in history and has always been one of the most prestigious furniture manufacturing for floors and ceilings in Renaissance Villas.
Antico È, thanks to its refined experience, creates a new seductive combination of ancient wood and mother of pearl, with a result of great charm. This is a floor which is able to increase the value of the most fine rooms.

The uniqueness of ancient wood in an absolute masterpiece

Absolute elegance, glamor design entirely handmade by our masters to offer you a product of excellence.

Glamorous wooden floor