Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • Antico È wears the floors of important high fashion showrooms in the world

Antico È  is Fashion

High fashion showrooms

How do you transform a shop into a high-fashion atelier?
Simple: by dressing it in the best materials.
By choosing ideas and colours that best describe and enhance the brand.

You'll often find Antico È's craftspeople in high-fashion stores, not because they're passionate about fashion, but because major catwalk and jewellery brands choose our floors, ceilings and coverings.

Antique wood treated with natural oils confers personal and exclusive nuances, giving these important locations their own soul, their own personality, echoing the articles on display.

Antico È  is Quality

Antique floors in a shop? Why not?
It is often claimed that antique wood is fragile, delicate, not suitable for busy areas such as a shop.

Let's debunk this false myth. Antico È floors are reclaimed from buildings with a thousand years of history. They survived the tramplings and the trials of daily life very well. Today they shine, more beautiful than ever. This demonstrates how important care is in the construction of wooden floorboards, as well as in the choice of the surface finish.
The finishes chosen by Antico È give long-term protection to floors as well as furnishing accessories, so that they don't need regular spotfacing.

In fact, they can be treated in ways that don't involve removing the furniture.
Even restoration work is done without the aid of powders or scents, but through limited, non-invasive interventions: it takes little to restore new lustre to the surface.

Supply of antique wood floors and wall coverings

Antico È  is Pleasure

Wooden floors for shops

Antico È is pleasure. It's what customers feel when they enter a shop furnished by us.
Their bare feet feel the warmth of the wooden floorboards while they try on their clothes, and
their eyes wonder over their dappled colour variations.
Their minds are freed, lulled by the intoxicating scent of the ancient wood.

Wall cladding in wood for showrooms
Furnishing accessories for shops and showrooms