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Is the Old parquet Antico E ' a solid wooden floor?

No, it's a pre-finished “engineered-wood” triple-layers floor.

What is its composition?

The noble part has a thickness of 4/5mm, the counterbalancing is composed by two layers of spruce certificated PEFC, glued with fiber cross .

Is the old reclaimed wood subject to be attacked by wood-worms?

All the woods of Antico E' are treated carefully in vacuum drying chamber at 80° C: in this way you are guaranteed against woodworms.

How is the Antico E’ wood floor conceived?

It has four sides with interlocking F / F (female / female) and a small bevel that can be deleted or marked in accordance with the aesthetic choice of the customer.

Why are the joints F / F ?

The negative joints on all four sides allow rotation of the plank during the installation: this means that the aesthetical mixture of tones and veins is always easier to be obtained.

What size are the wooden planks of Antico E' ?

Wooden boards have a thickness of 15 or 21mm, miscellaneous lengths from approximately 700mm up to 5000mm, miscellaneous widths between 120 and 350mm.

Why are sizes of the plank different?

This is to maintain an ideal character of ancient and old parquets style; according to customer’s request we can also produce fixed dimensions wood boards.

The wooden floor Antico E' can be considered a pre-finished parquet?

Yes, indeed, even if – after the installation has been completed - the operator has to proceed with polishing process and drafting of protective material .

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