Antico E' - Antique and new wooden floors
  • The rebirth of dismissed briccole

A second life for old Venetian boat-pillars, called "Briccole"

ancient wood floor

Thus began a beautiful love story for ancient wood.

Antico È is engaged since a long time to retrive the hundred years old boat pillars of Venice lagoon. With passion and skill, the reclaimed wooden beams of oak become planks for wood floors.

Wood never ceases to amaze us! It's incredible!

With Antico È wood regains new splendor.

Being unique creating wooden floors using old and ancient wood as a raw material, precious materials retrieved from ancient houses and farm barns, villas, mansion-houses or from the Venetian lagoon. This isthe vocation of Antico È and, at the same time, the origin of its international renown. Lots of its pavements have been laid in the most significant building of these last years.

Recycled wooden floor

In our hands the Wood is a living matter...

...and becomes work of art, beyond the boundary of time.

It is extraordinary to see the timeless beauty of these floors realized with hundreds of years old woods, which appear every time modern and precius.
In these pictures you can see some details that only partly testify of their live beauty.

The wood, a timeless charm

...always intact and naturally beautiful.

These floors are placed in a location subject to high water phenomenon that occasionally floods the room; yet the wise treatment with natural waxes makes them water resistant, emerging perfectly intact.

Floors with ancient wood