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Custom floors. Your house says a lot about you.

Bespoke wooden flooring

What makes a difference between just any home and your home? Have you ever thought about it?
Lift your eyes from your computer or smartphone for a minute, and look around. If you are home, look at what's around you. What do you see?

Most likely everything your eyes see is part of you. The photos of your life, your family's smiles. The books you read and those still silently waiting to be opened. Your children's games, the movies which made you laugh, cry, and fall asleep. The biscuit crumbs on the sofa and your favorite blanket. in conclusion every small detail, even the smallest, speaks of you..

For us at Antico È, personalising a floor, a ceiling or wall, in reality, means helping you tell your feelings. To bring the emotions to life and which accompany you for a lifetime.

The meeting with Papiro Art.

We at Antico È know wood, we love the scent, the shape, the colours. But at the same time we like to experiment, find new ways and explore them, looking for something new and beautiful. Something which can give a personal touch, but at the same time worthy of the wood, which is the noblest and most elegant material in our view.

In fact the ongoing search for beauty led us to meet Lidia Scalzo, art teacher and eclectic artist. Her creative workshop, inspired by the Bauhaus, is a multi-disciplinary workplace where she is researching materials, experimenting with application methodologies, interpreting and transforming preformed elements into unique and emotional ones.

From Lidia's workshop Papiro Art was born. which perfectly combines crafts and art, reaching a top-level design and artistic level, widely recognised by designers and architects.

Customized wooden flooer

Boiserie, ceilings and personalized floors.

Personalized floors made with antique woods

Antico È and Papiro Art collaborate to create customised drawers, ceilings and floors in a style that gives value to the art, going beyond the pure functionality of the furnishing complement. The aesthetic appearance of the product we create is very important, since it connects to the sensations it recounts in an indispensable way. Every personalisation is unique, since it is tied intimately and unambiguously to the person who dreamed it, wanted it and finally asked for it.

The ultimate goal is to create a product that is not the fruit of industrial manufacturing, made in series, but the personal expression of an emotion.

Personalised floors, some tips.

Among the works done with Papiro Art, there are entire ceilings, customised walls or floors with inlaid wood, to which sea stars or seashells from the southern seas have been added. The perfect floor for those who dream about the sea. Or again stuccos mixed with luminescent powders which light up the room at night.
But we can also tell your family's story, reproducing the family coat of arms or a logo.

Fantasy and feelings know no boundaries. Contact us and we will find the right way to tell your story together.

floors with inlaid wood