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  • How to choose the parquet color

How to choose the color of the parquet

Choosing the colors for your home is one of the important steps to be taken to create pleasant and comfortable environments, suitable for representing those who live there.

Among the colors to choose surely we also have the parquet color, essential to create personal and unique environments. Let 's see how to avoid mistakes

How to choose the color of the parquet: light, red, brown or dark woods.

Parquet colors: light, red, brown or dark woods

Once the spaces and their destinations have been defined, there are different variables to consider in order to choose the color of your parquet, first of all your personal taste.

To define the color of the parquet is definitely the essence chosen for the floor, even if today there are processes that allow you to lighten, darken or color your own parquet, thus changing its color.

According to their color in nature, the classifications of wood are four and apply to both old and new wood:

  • Light woods: the larch, or maple, which vary in shades from yellow to rosé while still remaining tenuous
  • Red woods: American cherry and acacia wood, ranging from golden to reddish to brown
  • Brown woods: wengé and afromosia that include essences ranging from golden brown to grays and blacks
  • Dark woods: ranging from tobacco shades of teak to walnut and which vary in color based on the passage of time and exposure to light..

Recycling raw materials, in our case the wood, contributes to the sustainability of our natural resources. If you choose an antique wooden floor, you help to protect and safeguard the forests.

How to choose parquet: matching furniture and walls.

Whether you prefer light or dark floors, there are other considerations to keep in mind when making this type of choice

Many interior designers advise the floor in contrast with the walls, to avoid creating too heavy effects within individual rooms, but there are several exceptions.

For example, in a bedroom, it is not so strange to find dark walls and floors, because it is a living space dedicated to relaxation and rest, while it would be much harder to find them in the kitchen or living room.

When choosing the color of the parquet it is important to take into consideration the color of the frames and fixtures. With white doors and windows, you can indulge with the color of the wooden floor, while if the fixtures are in wood tones you will have to pay attention to identify the same shade for the parquet or turn to a contrasting color.

The same reasoning must be done for furniture. Dark furniture calls the light parquet to make them stand out better and, at the same time, brighten up the room, while with a light furniture all the colors of the parquet can be used.

In any case, both light and dark parquet can adapt to different styles of furniture, from modern to country, from contemporary to industrial style, while the discourse changes for floors that tend to red, more suited to refined and classic environments.

Chooce parquet color and matchin furniture and walls

How to choose parquet: size and shape of the room.

Shape and size of the room and parquet choice

The last variable to consider in the choice of parquet is the shape of the various rooms, as well as the general environment of the house. If there are small and poorly lit spaces, the light parquet will allow them to be spacious and airy.

In larger rooms, dark wooden floors will tend to give a sense of greater solemnity, making the room immediately elegant. The dark colors, then, tend to visually reduce the spaces, more reason to prefer the use in large rooms and avoid it in small rooms.

After choosing the color of the parquet, will be the laying geometry, finishes and engraving treatments to further give character to the wooden floor and to help create a parquet that is in all respects tailor-made for you.

The variables are really endless, for a parquet that is never trivial and that, regardless of its color, always manages to give the rooms a warm and unique atmosphere, impossible to recreate with any other covering material.