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Antique Wood Floor to furnish your home.

Recovered Antique Wooden Floor

When choosing to furnish your home, you must start with the choice of coverings and floor.

An antique wooden floor for your home is like reviving part of a story that from that moment belongs only to you.

The rooms of the house with a reclaimed antique wood floor will be welcoming, special and with a life that has already been lived in and all to be told.

Now we tell you about a project for a house in Brescia, born, by their owners, already with the idea of using recovered material, primarily the ancient wood.

The choice for the wooden floor fell on an old walnut recovered from an old villa in Campania.

Recovered Antique Walnut, the authenticity of wood.

From the beams of an old villa bell to the floor of a house in Northern Italy where our recovered antique walnut shows all its characteristics and personality.

Antico È is with passion and dedication that it has recovered this essence to make it its old splendor and give it back life for a new home and a new history.

The floor, an antique recycled parquet, has been masterfully laid by our master craftsmen to amplify the veins and the difference in the shades that are the main aesthetic features of the walnut.

Treated with oil of the moon, to give the antique recovery parquet a natural look. A vanilla scent was then requested to give the sense of comfort, relaxation and well-being with the sense of smell.

The result, you can admire it with your eyes, this antique walnut recovered gives character and personality to the environments, perfectly matching the furnishings.

Antique Walnut recovered for the floor

Antique wooden floor with Italian herringbone.

Old wood floor laying herringbone

Another special feature of this beautiful antique wooden floor is the type of installation chosen: herringbone ... Italian style.

The choice of this joint between boards, an essential feature of the herringbone, as a pose for this antique wooden floor has been discounted.

We wanted to exalt the difference in tone between one axis and another in every possible way.

The antique walnut and also new gives this vast range of nuances and veins that juxtaposed by real professionals from a result nothing short of amazing.

We could say that this floor furnishes home alone.

Magazine house with an antique wooden floor.

The old or new wood allows you to give a homely and warm environments. The color, the type of installation can make your home unique and only yours: a house like those that, dreaming, look in the furniture magazines!

For our house in Brescia we can tell you that the photos you are looking at of our antique wooden floor are by Mattia Aquila, a creative photographer who loves interior design, whose passion has become a profession. His photos can be found in the best trade magazines, such as AD.

So you want to create the home of your dreams and would like to be able to use recycled materials to think a bit 'to the environment but also trying to create something really personal.
Contact us and we will analyze with you your project or idea to find the best solution.

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