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Antique wood at the Dolomiti Lodge Alverè Cortina

Antique oak contruction

Antico Èis proud to present its contribution to the construction of the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà in Cortina D'Ampezzo, elegant and refined structure, a combination of style and design in the heart of the Dolomites.

The Dolomiti Lodge Hotel-Restaurant Alverà has chosen natural materials to create a comfortable and welcoming environment and make your experience unforgettable.
And he chose Antico È for its antique and precious wood, the variety of workmanship, the knowledge of the individual essences, the passion and attention to detail and the devotion to this noble material.

The antique oak at the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà

The entire structure of the lodge was made of wood. Each individual room is in fact comfortable, and at the same time rich in personality and distinctive details.

The essence chosen is the antique oak recovered from old farmhouses, which Antico È has skillfully brought back to its original splendor.

In the lobby and in the bar our antique wood models floors, ceiling and counter. In an environment so large and bright in the antique oak floor was made of different sized boards.

The antique wood and furnishings make the environment warm and comfortable, helping to create an extraordinary atmosphere: warm as that of the house, but elegant and avant-garde design, leaving you with the memory of a memorable stay.

Recovered antique oak

Dining room in antique oak Baroque lacunar floor

Baroque lacunar floor

In the design of the coating and furniture components Dolomiti Lodge Alverà wanted to personalize each environment.
The dining room has a Baroque lacunar floor: elegance and refinement for a secluded environment, which differs from the large hall, characterized by an French herringbone antique oak floor, and from the hall, made of board with different sizes.

But wood is not the only protagonist of this unique and special lodge. In all the environments the attention to detail, its personalization and the use of various noble materials have allowed the creation of an authentic and lasting unicum.

Wooden staircase for the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà

Even the wooden staircase in antique oak is in perfect agreement with the rest of the structure.

Antico È has designed, developed and laid all the wooden elements.

Fundamental for us is to work in partnership with companies and professionals equally passionate and respectful of their work, be able to exchange ideas and contribute to the realization of a project of value.

Dolomiti Lodge antique wood

Perfect harmony between antique wood and metal

Floor with different size board

The natural materials are the real protagonists of the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà construction project, in substance and form.
In the Dolomiti Lodge Alverà the protagonist is therefore not only the antique wood: our antique oak has framed the metal in the works created by the master Giancarlo Candeago, a craftsman blacksmith of Cortina, internationally famous for his original and timeless works.

His work is summarized in the study of nature, art forms, history, to explore all the potential of metals and other materials and extreme care in finishing. The originality of each of his works becomes testimony to "know-how", a rare but fundamental skill for a craftsman and an artist.

The Dolomiti Lodge Alverà has indeed requested the intervention of this artist of the metal, to create for them something unique for the hall and the dining room: two fireplaces-works of art in metal, inserted in the environment in antique oak in a real game of lights, shapes and colors.

On this occasion, as in many of our projects, we could achieve something of special and shared the passion for our work with other artisans and with our clients.